From the creative hub that has given birth to numerous successful products

From the creative hub that has given birth to numerous successful products.

In the innovation hub of DAKA International Limited, known for pioneering products like the Automatic Can Opener, Automatic Jar Opener, AngryMama, Faraday Flashlight, Pest Control Series, SeaScooter, PopNPlay, and more, a culinary revolution was born: the Food Genie™ Dessert Station. This state-of-the-art marvel, powered by CreamWhizz Technology, reimagines dessert-making, bringing joy and creativity to kitchens worldwide. Join us in celebrating a legacy of innovation as we redefine homemade desserts for a new era.

Food Genie™

Food Genie™ was born to democratize small kitchen appliances, believing everyone should create culinary wonders at home. At its core was the Dessert Station, not just an ice cream maker but a culinary genie, transforming ingredients into endless frozen delights, from gelato to milkshakes. More than an appliance, it is a portal to culinary creativity.

Dessert Station

Food Genie™'s Dessert Station, born of precision and passion, turns fresh ingredients into delectable homemade treats. It's a tool for crafting indulgent and healthier options, even keto-friendly delights. With Food Genie, culinary creativity knows no bounds, all while staying budget-friendly. You don't have to compromise on quality or cost; you can have both.

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Daka Milestone

In the world of Food Genie, affordability meets innovation, and imagination meets creation. It is a brand that celebrates the magic of food and the power of the culinary genie.