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John S.

"Life changing must have appliance"

I'm not joking, it saves so much more than getting a pint of Haagen Dazsss and my wife is so passionate about creating her own healthy recipe, we know what we eat! I'd have give this a 10!

Mary U.

"Helping my diet!"

This thing is a game changer. Since my wife and I are on diets but love ice cream we've been able to make protein ice cream every night. We never had felt guilty anymore!

Joshua A.

"Great product"

My kids love milkshakes and ice cream. This appliances is a great addition to making delicious frozen treats. It's easy for my kids to operate as well so showing them how to make a nice cold treat is super simple with the preset functions this appliance provides. It's a bit loud but manageable. All around a great addition to the kitchen.

Christopher L.

"Great frozen drink maker"

This is similar to the Ninja Ice Cream Maker but it's a lot cheaper, I got this for my wife as a gift and we have been using it several times a day! Different frozen drinks during the day and fruit sorbet after dinner!

Solomon E.

"Was skeptical"

At first we were skeptical as we already have a Cusinart ice cream maker that freeze and stir at the same time. We do not like the idea of freezing it 24 hours prior but it's worth a wait! The texture is completely different, it's creamy and if it's not, just respin it and it will work. We are getting more pints to fill up our freezer.

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Turn almost any ingredient into a creamy frozen treat or beverage

Technology - CreamWhizz Paddle

Our cream whizz paddle innovation is built to last, delivering the smoothest and creamiest textures.

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Don't forget Mix-Ins! Nuts, candies, fruits, sprinkles!

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